Caring for Goslings

The below information is designed to be used as a guide on caring for goslings written by Christopher Lane, Gulliver Geese - Farm Manager, a professional stock-man with 25 years experience in gosling production and raising goslings. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer your question.

a gosling sitting in a mans hand

Caring for goslings

Goslings need to be kept warm for the first two weeks. gas burners or Infra red lamps can be used to provide the heat aiming to obtain an ambient of somewhere between 86 and 88 Degrees Fahrenheit. The area or pen needs to be big enough to allow the goslings somewhere to go to get out from under the heater but enclosed enough to minimise drafts. Straw bales make ideal sides to the pen insulating and giving the goslings something to peck at.

Temperature control

Temperature control is normally achieved by adjusting the heater level or height above the pen. Goslings that are to hot will all be distributed around the edges of the pen farthest away from the heaters and may have wet backs caused by sweating. If the goslings are too cold they will all be huddled below the heaters. Huddling is dangerous as the goslings will start to climb on top of each other causing the bottom layer to suffocate. Goslings do tend to sleep and sit in groups so be careful not to mistake this for huddling.

Bedding material

Wood chips or sawdust are the best kind of bedding material switching to straw when they are two weeks old. New bedding material should be sprinkled on top of the old paying special attention to the area around the drinkers which is likely to be wet.

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