What to feed geese

Below is a guide on what types of feed to use when growing geese for commercial gosling production. This feeding schedule can be used for hobbyists without any detrimental effect on your geese. For specific types of feed, please contact us and we will be happy to help

Gosling Feed - Starter Ration

Goslings should be fed on waterfowl starter pellets for about the first 3 weeks. It is important that a suitable feed is used as some chicken feed can be dangerous to goslings and geese.

Gosling Feed Calculator

we have provided this gosling feed calculator as a guide to estimate the quantity of starter feed you will need for your goslings. The amount required may vary with types of feeds and temperature but this will give a good estimate

No. of day old Goslings
No. of days

Growing Geese - Grower Ration

From week 3 to 8, the goslings/geese should be fed on a good quality grower ration. This is the period when the geese need a sustained, well balance diet as they build their adult frame and fledge. Geese can also be fed on grass during this period but must be sheltered when it rains and overnight.

Feeding Geese - Holding Ration

During this period Geese can be fed on grass as the primary source of nutrition supplemented by feeding with wheat or a suitable waterfowl pellet. Again, please ensure the feed is suitable for geese.

Finishing Geese - Finisher Ration

Geese should be moved onto a finisher ration and removed from grass for the last three weeks. When this starts depends on how early in the year you bought your goslings. Geese finished around 23 weeks but the longer you leave them the bigger they will be.

If you have any questions, please contact us and our stock-man will endeavour to answer your questions.