Frequently Asked Questions


What goose breed are your geese and what other breeds are available in Europe?

Our geese are Stow geese a strain of the Embden goose developed by Gulliver Geese. A good source for information for other Goose Breeds a good resource is the website.

What should I feed my geese?

Geese can be fed on a wide range of vegetables and crops including grass, kale, potatoes, carrots and many more. Anyof the above may need supplementing with a good quality waterfowl food. Please be aware some foods designed for chickens can be dangerous to geese and goslings.

Where can I sell my geese?

where to buy goose

Can you give me some general tips on caring for goslings

We have a page on the website explaining how to care for your goslings and we also have a downloadable Gosling Advice Sheet.

When is the best time to buy goslings/geese?

The gosling production season starts in April and continues through to August. The best time to buy goslings is as early as possible. There is a definite price and quality advantage in buying early in the season. Click Buying Geese to find out more about the reasons behind why to buy geese early.

What is the smallest order of goslings you will accept?

We accept any size orders for goslings. Prices, availability and collection information are available on request.

How many geese can I keep on one acre of grass?

The number of geese you can keep will depend on the land itself. If the land is well draining and the grass grows well then somewhere in the region of 100 geese would be reasonable. Geese have a voracious appetite and will eat a field bare killing all grass, trees and other plants in a matter of weeks if an insufficient area is allowed.

What type of building do you recommend for housing geese?

Geese can live in any type of building as long as it is secure. More details on keeping geese are available here. keeping geese. If you are looking to purchase a custom built building to look after small quantities of geese then Chicubes offer a range of buildings to suit all types of poultry.

Do geese make good pets?

Geese can be kept as pets and used to keep the grass short in gardens and orchards. Please click here to read our article about keeping geese as pets.

What is the best way to transport goslings?

The best way to transport small quantities of goslings is in a cardboard poultry carrier, available from P G Packaging. Goslings bought from us will be in a cardboard poultry carrier. These carriers come with pre cut air holes and secure closing tabs at the top to ensure the carrier stays closed.

Are you able to offer any advice on looking after geese?

We have provided an article written by a professional stock-man entitled keeping geese. If you have a specific question please fill out our contact form and we will endeavour to help.

What is a Michaelmas Goose?

Michaelmas goose is associated with the 29th of September historically known as Michaelmas. To find out more, please visit our Michaelmas Goose page.

What Breed are your geese?

We specialise in breeding Embden Geese. We have developed two strains, The Stow tm and the SuperStow tm to meet our customer's needs.