Geese as Pets

Geese as Pets

In July this year we will have old breed stock geese available for purchase at a very reasonable price of £5.00 each. These geese will make docile garden pets and will lay eggs for several years.

This offer is only available for collection whereopun Gulliver Geese will provide a suitable cardboard transpotation container. Please Contact Us for more details.

General Information about Geese as Pets

Geese have been kept in small numbers as pets by many people the world over. They are excellent at keeping grass short and eating windfall fruit from an orchard. They will eat virtually any vegetation but this will need to be supplemented if the birds are intended for the table.

Geese can be used as Guard Geese as they do become quite territorial and will make alot of noise if someone or something happens to be within there territory

If geese are hand reared from goslings with alot of human contact they will be very friendly and unafraid and willing to eat from your hand.

for more information about keeping geese as pets, please read through the rest of this website.