Embden Geese

Embden Geese

Our Stow and SuperStow Geese are strains of the white Embden Goose. We have bred our embden geese to be a good all round bird. If you are interested in buying we have embden geese for sale from April through to August.

These are mixed views on the origins of the Embden goose, records only show the existence of the goose breed for the past 200 years. Some people believe the origins of the embden lie in northern Germany and Holland, others believe that these geese originated from Emden a town in Saxony, Germany. Another theory altogether has the embden breed having been developed by crossing the German white geese with the English White geese. Yet another theory is that the embden breed was selectively bred from the Toulouse goose breed.

Whatever the origins the Embden Goose is a fantastic table bird. They are fast growing with both the goose and gander reaching good weights. An embden goose can be identified by its pure white feathers and light orange bill and legs. The Embden's legs are relatively short with an solid oval shaped body, small tail and strong wings.

Embden Geese are expert foragers and will make a meal out of virtually anything. Geese kept in an enclosure will quickly eat areas bald and kill trees by removing the bark.

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