Geese Production Trials 2012

stow geese

Gullliver Geese have undertaken to conduct goose production trials every year to confirm the weights achievable with the Stow and SuperStow strain of the Embden Goose.

The results of this trial showed the new SuperStow did not perform as well as expected when compared to the Stow. The average SuperStow finishing weight was only about 0.30Kg heavier than the Stow where we were aiming for a difference of about 3Kg. It is worth pointing out that the Stow did perform extremely well in this trial thus compounding the effect of the SuperStow's less than satisfactory performance. Below, we have described the process and the results of the production trial conducted on our Stow Strain of Goose.

Goose Production Trial Method

The trial was conducted by taking 50 geese of which 25 were ganders and then fattening them for a 25 week period in a controlled manner monitoring the amount of food consumed and any other relevant factors. The trial was conducted by Christopher Lane - Gulliver Geese Farm Manager, an experienced stockman of 25 years experience.

The goslings were looked after in a way detailed in the Caring for goslings article and fed on a protein rich starter ration for the first three weeks. After three weeks the goslings/geese were allowed access to grass and their food was changed to a Grower ration which they were fed on ad lib right through to week 21. The geese were denied access to grass from week 15. From 21 weeks the geese were fed on a finishing ration right up to the end of the trial.

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Stow Geese
Quantity 50 geese
Sex 25 male, 25 female
Target weight 7.5 - 8 Kg
Duration 25 weeks
Start Date 17th June 2008
Finish Date 9th December 2008
heat lamps 10 to 12 days
Type of housing first 3 to 4 weeks
Shed and field rest of trial
Starter ration up to 3 weeks
Grower ration 3 weeks to 21 weeks
Finisher ration 21 weeks to finish
Grass from 3 weeks to 15 weeks.

Goose Production Trial Results

The results were an average goose weighing in at 8.15Kg (long Leg). The Ganders produced an average weight of 9Kg and the females an average weight of 6.90Kg. These weights were slightly higher than our target weight and show a very good food to weight conversion.

  • Starter 18.5% protein geese ate 135kg over 20 day period = 2.7kg per bird. (0.135kg per bird per day)
  • Grower 16% protein geese ate 2125kg over 127 day period = 42.5kg per bird.(0.335kg per bird per day)
  • Finisher 16% protein/ holding ration 14% protein mix geese ate 400kg over 28 day period =8kg per bird.(0.285kg  per bird per day)
Males Females

Start weight in Kg

0.090 0.100
Week 1 weight in Kg 0.390 0.400

Week 2 weight in Kg

0.880 0.870

Week 3 weight in Kg

1.85 1.71
Week 4 weight in Kg



Week 5 weight in Kg



Week 6 weight in Kg



Week 7 weight in Kg



Week 8 weight in Kg



Week 10 Weight in Kg



Week 14 weight in Kg



Week 19 weight in Kg



Week 21 weight in Kg



Week 23 weight in Kg



Week 24 weight in Kg



Week 25 weight in Kg



Average Weight in Kg  8.15
Starter Consumed in Kg 135

Grower Consumed in Kg

Finisher Consumed in Kg 400
Total Consumption in Kg 2660