White Geese

White Geese

The Stow tm strain of Embden goose or commonly know as white geese has been developed over many years focused on providing geese that finish out at the required weights for our customers. In order to do this, we have developed Grandparent flocks for the strain focusing on achieving the required weights and sizes of birds. We maintain the highest standards for all aspects of breeding geese utilising our wealth of experience.

Stow tm Geese

The Stow tm goose is bred to provide an oven ready bird at 6 to 6.5Kg. Weights will vary depending on the sex of the bird, feed, length of growing period and weather but the weights detailed above are readily achievable using conventional production methods.

Please see the results of our Goose Production trials 2012 for more information on producing geese.

We have been supplying goslings to the UK goose production market for over 25 years and are members of the Goose Producers association. We have worked for many years to build our reputation of producing high quality birds and have grown our breeding farm into the largest in the UK.

Our goslings are available from April through to August but supply cannot meet demand later in the year so please contact us early in the year to avoid disappointment.

We are happy to offer advice to anyone from the hobbyists through to volume producers and welcome all feedback about this website and our geese.

White Geese White Geese goslings

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