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We are specialist goose breeders with over 20 years experience in breeding geese and as suppliers of goslings. We have our own dedicated hatcheries and breeding geese in Norfolk. We have goslings for sale from April to August and are happy to supply small and large volumes of goslings. Below is an article on how we got started in goose breeding.

It all started with the film stars!
In 1984 we were looking into farm diversification and came upon an article about goose breeding, specifically about goose fattening. It mentioned John Adlard as the font of all knowledge for goose breeding, so because he lived also in Norfolk we contacted him for advice. He wisely said be sure of your market before venturing into production. In the course of the conversation he said that he was looking for someone to look after a goose breed flock for him. We jumped at the chance.

Ian Holm

And so geese came to the farm.
One of the first goose flocks was made up of the stars in the film
‘Laughterhouse’(Singletons Pluck on TV) starring Ian Holmes. They had already had a busy life walking to London and came to the farm as Breeding geese to lay eggs for some years.

Singletons Pluck

We have supplied Norfolk Geese with day old goslings ever since. Gradually we bought our own goose breeding flocks and expanded the number of flocks, building up markets for the goslings that Norfolk Geese did not need.

In 1987 it became necessary to build a goose breeding hatchery on the farm. This saved transportation of the goose eggs and meant that the eggs are cleaned and stored very soon after collection. They are set weekly and the grade one goslings are dispatched within hours of hatching, so can be on the fattening farms very quickly. This greatly reduces the stress factor on the geese.

We belong to the Poultry Health Scheme which involves annual inspection of our breeding goose flocks and hatchery by a Veterinary Officer. The hatchery is audited because we sell goslings that are then fattened and sold to the supermarkets. They exact very high standards of bio-security and traceability of their products so both farm and hatchery conform to their code of practice.

The business has grown steadily and we have now developed our own strain of Embden Cross. We will be breeding Stow tm geese, a similar sized goose to the present strain ; and SuperStow tm which will be bigger –for those with bigger appetites!
This will be an on-going process to improve the quality of our product.

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