We produce a strain of embden geese; The Stow goose finishes at around 6 to 6.5 Kg oven ready.. This strain is the product of years of selective breeding and high quality standards. These geese have a good meat to bone ratio and a good food conversion ratio.


Gulliver Geese produce day old goslings for sale for goose producers big and small all over the UK. We have one of the UK's largest dedicated hatcheries and are the largest UK suppliers of goslings available from April through to August. Our high quality goslings are predominantly used for the Christmas market for fresh goose.

Our goslings are hardy and fast growing with good feed to weight conversion ratios. We employ a very strict selection process for all goslings we provide ensuring the highest quality standards of our geese.


Gulliver Poultry have hatcheries available for all types of poultry. We have extensive experience in hatching geese, duck, turkeys and guinea fowl. We exceed the highest standard of hatchery cleanliness and are audited by two well known supermarket chains.

Where to buy Goose

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